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Reflections by Jesuits in Ministry: Avery Dulles, S.J., courtesy of JesuitVocation.Com
The Installation of Cardinal Dulles. Photographs by one present at Dulle's installation as a Cardinal of the Catholic Church.

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Ordination of Fr. Avery Dulles in New York by Archbishop Spellman, pictured with his father John Foster Dulles and Spellman (partial newsreel) -
"The Real Presence" Tuesday, February 16, 2005 (given at Dunwoodie seminary, same lecture as the McGinley) Spring Lecture. 1) High Speed; 2) Modem Speed
A Eucharistic Church: The Vision of John Paul II - November 10, 2004 Fordham University Fall McGinley Lecture.
The Rebirth of Apologetics Tuesday, March 2, 2004 Fordham University Spring McGinley Lecture.
John Paul II and the Mystery of the Human Person - Oct. 1, 2003. Fordham University McGinley Lecture.
Why be a Catholic the 2002 Thomas Merton Lecture by Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J. November 7th, 2002. St. Paul's Chapel, Columbia University.
When to Forgive April 10, 2002 Fordham University McGinlely Lecture.
Religious Freedom: A Developing Doctrine March 21, 2001 Fordham University McGinley Lecture.

Creation of Avery Cardinal Dulles:

    Consistory in Rome, February 21, 2001: A) High Speed; B) Modem Speed;
    English summary of Prior's welcome at Church of Jesus and Mary: a) High Speed; B) Modem Speed;
    Kyrie at the Church of Jesus and Mary, Titular Church Mass: A) High Speed; B) Modem Speed;
    Readings and homily of acceptance at his titular church in Rome (Church of Jesus and Mary), 2/23/01 (Videotaped in Rome, digitized in the Faculty Resource Center): A) High Speed; B) Modem Speed.

Articles & Addresses by Avery Dulles

First Things

America Magazine Contributions to The Acton Institute Other Periodicals / Addresses


Cardinal Avery Dulles on Islam Interview with John Allen, Jr. National Catholic Reporter October 6, 2006.
Cardinal Dulles on the History of Apologetics Interview with September 14, 2005.
The History and Purpose of Apologetics Interview with Carl E. Olson, Ignatius Insight July 2005.
Cardinal Dulles on Communion and Pro-Abortion Politicians. Interview w/ June 29, 2004.
Rev. Avery Dulles Discusses Elevation to College of Cardinals. CNN Transcript. January 22, 2001.
Are We Speaking the Same Language?. Donald Bloesch interviews Fr. Dulles on the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification. Nov. 1, 1999.
God's Gift of Freedom Must Be Used to Choose the Good, interview in Religion & Liberty, May and June 1999-Volume 9, Number 3. Published by the Acton Institute.
Cardinal Dulles to Catholic Colleges: Be Truly Catholic, interview with Kathryn Jean Lopez. National Catholic Register. (December, 2001).
Reason, Faith, and Theology: An Interview with Cardinal Avery Dulles, S.J., by James Martin, S.J. America, Mar. 5, 2001.
The Making of Cardinal Avery Dulles - Part I and Part II. Interview w/ Brian McGuire. National Catholic Register. (February 18-24, 2001).

Reviews of other books by Avery Dulles, S.J.

The Jesuit Enigma. Review of Passionate Uncertainty: Inside the American Jesuits. By Peter McDonough and Eugene C. Bianchi. First Things 122 (April 2002): 37-41.
What Price Reform?. Review of The Reform of the Papacy: The Costly Call to Christian Unity, by John R. Quinn. First Things 104 (June/July 2000): 62-64.
Evangelical & Catholic. Review of Mother Church: Ecclesiology and Ecumenism, by Carl E. Braaten. First Things First Things 89 (January 1999): 41-45.
Problems of Ecclesiology. Review of After Our Likeness: The Church as the Image of the Trinity, by Miroslav Volf. First Things 87 (November 1998): 50-52.
Witness to the Witness. Review of Witness to Hope: The Biography of Pope John Paul II, by George Weigel. First Things 97 (November 1999): 49-57.
Religion and Revelation: A Theology of the World's Religions, by Keith Ward. Theology Today, Oct. 1995.
Salvation Outside The Church? Tracing The History of The Catholic Response, by Francis A. Sullivan, S.J.. Theology Today, April 1993.
Jesus the Christ, by Walter Kasper. Theology Today Vol 35, No. 2. July 1978.

Excerpts from Books

Revelation and the Religions. Excerpt from Models of Revelation (Image Books, 1985).
Doctrinal Authority of Episcopal Conferences. From Episcopal Conferences: Historical, Canonical & Theological Studies, edited by Thomas J. Reese, S.J. (Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press, 1989).
Videos of Special Events and Lectures, compiled by Fordham U.

Articles About Avery Dulles

Avery Dulles, S.J. American Theologian and Cardinal, by Stevenson Swanson. Originally published in the summer 2001 issue of FORDHAM magazine.
Foreword to A History of Apologetics, by Timothy George.
The Two-fold Magisterium and Ecumenism, by Greg Krehbiel Reflections on Avery Dulles' A Church to Believe In. Journeyman: A Journal for the Inquiring Christian. Vol. 1, No. 3, March 2002.
Avery Dulles' Long Road to Rome, by By Robert Royal. Crisis Magazine, July-August 2001.
All Dressed in Scarlet: Avery Dulles goes to college. Commonweal. Feb 23, 2001.
Lessons from Christmas 1941, by Richard N. Ostling. Touches briefly on Avery Dulles' early years as a Naval officer. The Holland Sentinel, Dec. 24, 2001.
One Establishment Meets Another: Avery Dulles's long journey to the Catholic cardinalate, by J. Bottum. The Atlantic Monthly, May 2001.
Red hat after lurch to right, by Fr. Richard P. McBrien. National Catholic Reporter, Feb. 12, 2001. [Personal criticism of Dulles by a very disgruntled Fr. McBrien].
Giants dissent, gently, over authority. National Catholic Reporter. July 2, 1999.


Cardinal Dulles gives farewell speech as Fordham's McGinley professor, by Angelo Stagnaro. Catholic News Service. April 3, 2008.
Avery Cardinal Dulles Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Ordination Fordham Online May 2006.
Cardinal Dulles Explores Pope's View on Vatican II Fordham University lecture, October 25, 2005.
America's Only Theologian-Cardinal to Receive Saint Thomas Aquinas Medallion Thomas Aquinas College. Santa Paula, CA. May 25, 2005.
Cardinal Dulles calls for 'rebirth of apologetics'. March 5, 2004.
Dulles receives Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Heythrop College. November, 2003.
Cardinal Dulles receives 2002 John Paul II Award, The Institute for the Psychological Sciences, Arlington, VA. Nov. 12, 2002.
Cardinal Dulles visits Bishop White Seminary. "Cardinal Dulles was in Spokane for the Red Mass at Gonzaga University and took time out of his schedule to visit with seminarians." September, 2002.
Cardinal Dulles clarifies his 'support' for the death penalty, Zenit. Feb. 18, 2002.
Dulles Corrects "Misinterpretation" of Vatican II
Cardinal Dulles Weighs in on Ratzinger-Kasper Debate, Vatican City 28 May 2001. (Zenit).