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Summary of Contents:
Excerpts from Books by Cardinal Ratzinger
Transcripts of Dialogue & Interviews with Cardinal Ratzinger
Special Compilation: The Ratzinger-Kasper Debate
Letters from Cardinal Ratzinger
Articles & Essays by Cardinal Ratzinger
Complete list of articles by Cardinal Ratzinger published in Communio
Presentations & Addresses by Cardinal Ratzinger
Formal Church Documents (with introductions by Cardinal Ratzinger)
Excerpts from Books About Cardinal Ratzinger
Articles about Cardinal Ratzinger

Excerpts from books

From The Spirit of the Liturgy.

The Altar and the Direction of Liturgical Prayer, excerpt from The Spirit of the Liturgy.
Art, Image and Artists: Sacred art, inspired by faith, both reflects and informs the culture
Art & Liturgy: The Question of Images, excerpt from The Spirit of the Liturgy
Music and Liturgy: How does music express the Word of God, the Vision of God?, excerpt from The Spirit of the Liturgy. Ignatius Press, 2000.
The Theology of Kneeling, excerpt from a chapter, "The Body and the Liturgy", in The Spirit of the Liturgy, Ignatius Press, 2000.
What Does 'Rite' Mean in the Context of Christian Liturgy?. pp. 164-167.

From Salt of the Earth, Ignatius Press, 1997.

The Canon of Criticism, excerpt from Salt of the Earth. [Interview w/ Peter Seewald]. pp. 179-213.
The Church at the End of the Millennium. Excerpt from Salt of the Earth. [Interview w/ Peter Seewald].

From Feast of Faith: Approaches to the Theology of the Liturgy

The End of Religion?: Chapter 1 of Feast of Faith: Approaches to a Theology of the Liturgy.

From Many Religions, One Covenant.

Interreligious Dialogue and Jewish-Christian Relations. Produced for a session of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences, Paris. It first appeared in Communio 25, no. 1 (1998): 29-41, and was republished in Many Religions, One Covenant.
Reconciling Gospel and Torah: The Catechism, [this essay was later included in Many Religions: One Covenant, under the title: 'Israel, The Church, and The World: Their Relation and Mission, according to the 1992 Catechism of the Catholic Church'

Additional Texts:

The Question of Suffering, the Response of the Cross An excerpt from God and the World: A Conversation with Peter Seewald.
The Lord Is Near Us in Our Conscience, in His Word, in His Personal Presence in the Eucharist. A Homily on Deuteronomy 4:7. Excerpt from God is Near Us: the Eucharist, the Heart of Life.
"In the Presence of Angels I Will Sing Your Praise": The Regensburg Tradition and the Reform of the Liturgy. Reprinted from A New Song for the Lord: Christian Belief and Liturgy Today, published in Germany in 1995.
On the Meaning of the Eucharist. Excerpt from "A God Who Is Near" ("Il Dio Vicino," St. Paul Editions).
The Rupture Between Sexuality and Marriage, excerpts from The Ratzinger Report.

Transcripts of Dialogue & Interviews


Cardinal Ratzinger on Laicism and Sexual Ethics. Zenit.org. Nov. 19, 2004. Excerpts from an interview with the newspaper La Reppublica.
Cardinal Ratzinger Tells Why Many Misperceive Christianity. May 7, 2004. Excerpts from interview with Italian Catholic weekly Vita Trentina.
Cardinal Ratzinger on Relativism, and Communion for the Remarried February 23, 2004. Zenit.Org.
Cardinal Ratzinger on Communion and Episcopal Collegiality (Part 1) February 22, 2004. Zenit.Org.


The Lord chooses our poverty. Ratzinger tells of his nomination as Archbishop of Munich and as cardinal by Paul VI in 1977. 30 Days Magazine. No. 9, September 2003.
Raymond Arroyo with Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger transcript of the interview by EWTN News Director Raymond Arroyo, which first aired on EWTN on 5 September 2003.
Cardinal Ratzinger on the Abridged Version of Catechism. Zenit.Org. May 2, 2003.
The Catechism in a Post-Christian World. 30 Days, No.4 Year XXI - April 2003.


Cardinal Ratzinger on Why It's Not Time for Vatican III. Zenit.Org. Dec. 4, 2002.
Cardinal Ratzinger Sees a Media Campaign Against Church. Zenit.Org. Dec. 3, 2002.
Cardinal Ratzinger on the Abridged Version of Catechism. Zenit.Org. May 5, 2002.
Cardinal Ratzinger Highlights Christian Challenge following Sept. 11, transcription of interview w/ Zenit.Org. March 4, 2002.
Cardinal Ratzinger -- reflections and dialogue on ecclesial movements and new communities, as reported by Focolare Movement. 02 February 2002.


Cardinal Ratzinger Calls Relativism the New Face of Intolerance. Zenit.Org. Dec. 1, 2001.
The Abolition of Man, interview with Cardinal Ratzinger. Le Figaro Magazine/Volpe Dec. 2001. Interview given to Jean Sˆ©villia.
Cardinal Ratzinger Evaluates 20 Years in Rome. Zenit News Agency. Nov. 23, 2001.
Putting God First: Ratzinger Reflects on the Synod. Catholic World News. Oct. 31, 2001.
Cardinal Ratzinger on the Future of Christianity, Zenit News Agency. Oct. 1, 2001.


Ratzinger, Others Reflect on European Synod. Catholic World News. Oct. 26, 1999.
Answers to Main Objections to Dominus Iesus, originally published in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 22 Sept. 2000.
A Question Answered, by Antonio López Triana. Q&A with Ratzinger at the first International Congress of the San Dámaso Faculty of Theology. Feb 16-18, 2000.
The Problem of Christian Prophecy, Interview in the Italian magazine 30Giorni No 1 - 1999.
The Surprise of an Encounter. Ratzinger responded to questions at the Bishops' Seminar on Ecclesial Movements June 16-18, 1999. Communion and Liberation, June 16, 1999

The Ratzinger-Kasper Debate
Key Articles:

Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on some aspects of the Church understood as Communion - Communionis notio . May 28, 1992.
"On the Office of Bishop", by Cardinal Kasper. 1999. [NOTE: Thus far I have not been able to find this online].
Ecclesiology Of The Constitution On The Church, Vatican II, 'Lumen Gentium', L'Osservatore Romano Sept. 19, 2001.
"The Local Church and the Universal Church: A Response to Walter Kasper", by Cardinal Ratzinger. America Nov. 19, 2001.
On the Church: A Friendly Reply to Cardinal Ratzinger, by Cardinal Kasper. America April 23-30, 2001. Translated by Ladislas Orsy, S.J. Originally published in the journal Stimmen der Zeit (December 2000).

Supplementary Articles:

Cardinal Dulles Weighs In on Ratzinger-Kasper Debate, Vatican City, 28 May 2001 (ZENIT.ORG).
Reflections on Cardinal Kasper's "On the Church", by Charles J. Chaput. America, July 30 2001.
Authority reconsidered: Who's in charge here?, by Russell Shaw. Our Sunday Visitor, August 12, 2001.
The Kasper-Ratzinger Debate and the State of the Church, by Dr. Philip Blosser. Reprinted with permission from New Oxford Review, April 2002, p. 18-25.
What Happens at Baptism? The Ratzinger-Kasper debate, by Fr. Daniel Callam, CSB. Catholic Insight, May 2002.
"A Tale of Two Cardinals" Geoffrey Kirk, Vicar of St Stephen's, Lewisham in the Anglican Diocese of Southwark. (New Directions July 2001)


Worthiness to Receive Communion: General Principles. NOTE: This is a confidential letter sent by Cardinal Ratzinger to Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and Archbishop Wilton Gregory early June stating "no eucharistic communion for the politicians who systematically campaign for abortion." L'espresso, June 2004.
Letter of Cardinal Ratzinger Regarding Dominus Iesus. September 14, 2000. Sent to the presidents of Bishops' Conferences explaining the purpose of the declaration.
Correspondence to & from Rome [btw/ Ratzinger and Mr. F. John Loughnan] on the status of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) beginning August 20, 1998.
On "The Many Faces of AIDS", Sent to Archbishop Pio Laghi regarding the 1988 general meeting of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. May 29, 1988.
Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger's Report Issued on Seattle Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen. September 30, 1985. Reprinted by The Seattle Catholic Newspaper.

Articles & Essays

Versus Deum per Iesum Christum. Preface for Uwe Michael Lang's book Conversi ad Dominum. Zu Gechichte und Theologie der christlichen Gebetsrichtung, published last year in Switzerland by Johannes Verlag in Einsiedeln. The English version (Turning towards the Lord: Orientation in Liturgical Prayer) is available from Ignatius Press.
Organic Development in the Liturgy [Book Review]. A review of the recent book by Alcuin Reid, OSB. [For more information about the book, click here].
"The Resurrection of Jesus: An event that preceded their thinking and willing". Introduction to the new edition of Heinrich Schlier’s book on the resurrection of Jesus Christ, to be published by the Italian monthly 30Days, in collaboration with the Morcelliana publishing house.
Introduction to Christianity: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Communio: International Review Vol. 31, no. 3 (2004): 481–495. [.pdf format].
Relationship between Magisterium and exegetes. On the 100th anniversary of the Pontifical Biblical Commission. May 10, 2003.
Thoughts on the Place of Marian Doctrine and Piety in Faith and Theology as a Whole Communio: International Review. Vol. 30, no. 1 (2003): 147-160. [.pdf format]
Letting God Work: An article by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger on the occasion of the canonization of Josemarìa Escrivà. Osservatore Romano (special supplement) 06 October 2002.
The Splendour of the Peace of Francis, 30 Days. No. 1, January 2002.
The Heritage of Abraham: The Gift of Christmas. Published in L'Osservatore Romano 29 December, 2000.
Unity of the Church's Mission Involves Diversity of Ministries. L'Osservatore Romano April 29, 1998. The sixth in a series of Reflections on the Instruction regarding the collaboration of the lay faithful in the ministry of priests.
Guardini on Christ in our Century, book review of Guardini's The Lord. Crisis Magazine, June 1996.
Truth and Freedom, reprinted from Communio: International Catholic Review (Spring, 1996).
Concerning the Reply of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on the Teaching Contained in the Apostolic Letter "Ordinatio Sacerdotalis". Letter from Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger dated October 28, 1995.
The Theological Locus of Ecclesial Movements. Communio: International Review 25, no. 3 (1998): 480-504.
The Holy Spirit as Communio: Concerning the Relationship of Pneumatology and Spirituality in Augustine. Communio: International Review, Vol. 25, no. 2 (1998): 324-339 RT. [.pdf format]
Interreligious Dialogue and Jewish-Christian Relations Communio: International Review. Vol. 25, no. 1 (1998): 29-41. [.pdf format]
Communio: A Program. Communio: International Review Vol. 19, no. 3 (1992), 436-49.

SPECIAL COMPILATION: Complete list of articles by Cardinal Ratzinger published in Communio:

"Funeral Homily for Msgr. Luigi Giussani" 31, no. 4 (2004): 685–687. [.pdf format]
Introduction to Christianity: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow 31, no. 3 (2004): 481–495. [.pdf format].
Thoughts on the Place of Marian Doctrine and Piety in Faith and Theology as a Whole 30, no. 1 (2003): 147-160. [.pdf format]
The Theological Locus of Ecclesial Movements. 25, no. 3 (1998): 480-504. [.pdf format]
Interreligious Dialogue and Jewish-Christian Relations 25, no. 1 (1998): 29-41. [.pdf format]
The Holy Spirit as Communio: Concerning the Relationship of Pneumatology and Spirituality in Augustine. 25, no. 2 (1998): 324-339 RT. [.pdf format]
"Truth and Freedom." 23, no. 1 (1996): 16-35.
"The New Covenant: A Theology of Covenant in the New Testament." 22, no. 4 (1995): 635-51.
"Christian Universalism: On Two Collections of Papers by Hans Urs von Balthasar." 22, no. 3 (1995): 545-57 RT.
"God in Pope John Paul II's Crossing the Threshold of Hope." 22, no. 1 (1995): 107-12.
"Christian Faith as 'the Way': An Introduction to Veritatis Splendor." 21, no. 2 (1994): 199-207.
"The Meaning of Sunday." 21, no. 1 (1994): 5-26.
"The Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Optimism of the Redeemed." 20, no. 3 (1993): 469-84.
"Conscience in Time." 19, no. 4 (1992): 647-57 RT.
Communio: A Program. 19, no. 3 (1992), 436-49. [.pdf format]
"Biblical Foundations of Priesthood." 17, no. 4 (1990): 617-27 NC.
"Concerning the Notion of Person in Theology." 17, no. 3 (1990): 439-54 RT.
"Jesus Christ Today." 17, no. 1 (1990): 68-87.
"Peace and Justice in Crisis: The Task of Religion." 16, no. 4 (1989): 540-51.
"Man Between Reproduction and Creation." 16, no. 2 (1989): 197-211.
"'You are Full of Grace': Elements of Biblical Devotion to Mary." 16, no. 1 (1989): 54-68.
"Homily at the Funeral Liturgy for Hans Urs von Balthasar." 15, no. 4 (1988): 512-16 NC.
"Cardinal Frings's Speeches During the Second Vatican Council: Apropos of A. Muggeridge's The Desolate City." 15, no. 1 (1988): 131-47 NC.
"Freedom and Liberation: The Anthropological Vision of the Instruction Libertatis Conscientia." 14, no. 1 (1987): 55-72.
"Liturgy and Sacred Music." 13, no. 4 (1986): 377-91 NC.
"Church and Economy." 13, no. 3 (1986): 199-204.
"Interpretation-Contemplation-Action." 13, no. 2 (1986): 139-55.
"On Hope." 12, no. 1 (1985): 71-84.
"Faith, Philosophy and Theology." 11, no. 4 (1984): 350-63.
"Luther and the Unity of the Churches: An Interview with Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger." 11, no. 3 (1984): 210-26.
"Problems in Catechesis Today: An Interview with Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger." 11, no. 2 (1984): 145-56.
"Sources and Transmission of the Faith." 10, no. 1 (1983): 17-34.
"Technological Security as a Problem of Social Ethics." 5, no. 3 (1982): 238-46.
"The Church and Scientific Theology." 7, no. 4 (1980): 332-42.

Presentations & Addresses


Homily of the Dean of the College of Cardinals, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, at the Mass for the Election of the Roman Pontiff. April 18, 2005.
Funeral Mass of Pope John Paul II Cardinal Ratzinger's Homily at John Paul II's Funeral Mass. April 8, 2005.
Funeral Mass of Fr. Luigi Giussani. Homily for the founder of the movement Communion & Liberation. February 25, 2005.


Ratzinger: Reason Separated From God Is Obstacle to Peace Zenit.org. Nov. 7, 2004. Excerpts from an address delivered June 4 on the 60th anniversary of the Normandy invasion published by Vita e Pensiero, the journal of the Catholic University Sacro Cuore in Rome [Full text not yet available in English].


Remarks at the beginning of the Concert of the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk from Leipzig, for the 25th Anniversary of the Pontificate of John Paul II. October 17, 2003.
Greeting at the beginning of the solemn Eucharistic Celebration for the 25th Anniversary of the Pontificate of John Paul II. October 16, 2003.
Message to the Holy Father John Paul II for his 83rd Birthday. Given to Pope John Paul II on May 18, 2003.
"Relationship between Magisterium and exegetes", reflections on the 100th Anniversary of the Pontifical Biblical Commision. May 10, 2003.
Intervention of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, during the round-table discussion on the subject "The commitment and behavior of Catholics in political life" Rome ¬‚ Pontifical University of Santa Croce. April 9, 2003.
Speech to the Pontifical Biblical Commission on the hundredth anniversary of its constitution. 30 Days No.6 Year XXI - June 2003.


Eucharist, Communion and Solidarity. L'Osservatore Romano, Nov. 13, 2002. Lecture given at the Archdiocesan Eucharistic Congress held from May 25 to June 2, 2002.
Current Doctrinal Relevance of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. "The Catechism of the Catholic Church: Ten years since its publication." Address of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger at the Catechetical Congress held in Rome. October 9, 2002.
"The Feeling of Things, the Contemplation of Beauty", Message to the Communion and Liberation (CL) meeting at Rimini (24-30 August 2002).
Eucharist, Communion & Solidarity. Lecture by H. Em. Card. Joseph Ratzinger at the Bishops Conference of the Region of Campania in Benevuto, Italy. June 2, 2002.
Presentation regarding the Apostolic Letter [Novo Millennio ineunte] which in the form of a "Motu Proprio Misericordia Dei" reaffirmed the necessity of confessing each and every mortal sin. L'Osservatore Romano May 8, 2002.


The Ecclesiology of Vatican II, Conference of Cardinal Ratzinger at the opening of the Pastoral Congress of the Diocese of Aversa (Italy). 15 September 2001.
Theology of the Liturgy, delivered at a congress on the liturgy held at the Benedictine monastery at Fontgombault in France, 22-24 July 2001. Oriens, Journal of The Ecclesia Dei Society.


New Evangelization: Building the Civilization of Love, Address to Catechists and Religion Teachers Jubilee of Catechists, 12 December 2000.
The Ecclesiology of the Constitution on the Church, Vatican II, 'Lumen Gentium', presentation at a symposium on the reception of the Council held in Rome in November 2000.
Words of Homage to John Paul II, At the Audience of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, January 28, 2000.


Culture and Truth: Some Reflections on the Encyclical Letter, Fides et Ratio, given by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, on Saturday February 13, 1999 in the Chapel at St. Patrick's Seminary. The Patrician: Winter, 1999.


Crises of Law, delivered by Cardinal Ratzinger on the occasion of being conferred the degree of Doctor Honor's Causa by the LUMSA Faculty of Jurisprudence in Rome, Nov.10, 1999.
10th anniversary of the Motu proprio Ecclesia Dei, Conference of Cardinal Ratzinger 24 October 1998.
Theologie: Wissenschaft vs. Autorität?, On January 31st 1998 Cardinal Ratzinger received honorary doctorates from the University of Navarra. The doctorates were conferred by Bishop Javier Echevarria, Prelate of Opus Dei and Chancellor of the University. The following text is Cardinal Ratzinger's address.


Question of Truth Lies at the Center of Theology, translation of Cardinal's opening address during the symposium on "The Primacy of the Successor of Peter", sponsored by the CDF. Monday, 2 December 1996. Taken from: L'Osservatore Romano, Weekly Edition in English. 1 January 1997.


Relativism: The Central Problem for the Faith Today, address given during the meeting with the presidents of the Doctrinal Commissions of the Bishops' Conferences of Latin America, held in Guadalajara, Mexico, in May 1996.


Christ, Faith, and the Challenge of Cultures. Given in Hong Kong to the presidents of the Asian bishops' conferences and the chairmen of their doctrinal commissions during March 2-5, 1993.


The Catechism of the Catholic Church in Context, December 9, 1992. [provided by National Conference of Catholic Bishops/U.S. Catholic Conference : Office for the Catechism].


The Problem of Threats to Human Life, Vatican City, April 4-7, 1991. [Note: This consistory was a key preparatory moment for the preparation of the Encyclical Letter Evangelium Vitae]


Update on the Universal Catechism of the Catholic Church, given at the Synod of 1990 [provided by National Conference of Catholic Bishops/U.S. Catholic Conference : Office for the Catechism].
On The Nature of the Priesthood, Speech given by Cardinal Ratzinger on October 1, 1990 at the opening of the VIII Ordinary Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on priestly formation.


Remarks to the Bishops of Chile Regarding the Lefebvre Schism, given July 13, 1988, in Santiago, Chile before the nation's bishops.
Biblical Interpretation in Crisis: On the Question of the Foundations and Approaches of Exegesis Today. Lecture delivered on 27th January 1988 at Saint Peter's Church in New York, NY.


"Liberation Theology" A "private" document which preceded the Instruction of Fall 1984. Reproduced by Christendom-Awake.org.

Formal Documents

Note: For documents by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, click here.

The Jewish People and Their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible, Preface by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. Pontifical Biblical Commission. Presented on May 24, 2001.
The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church, Preface by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. Pontifical Biblical Commission. Presented on March 18, 1994.

About Ratzinger

Excerpts from Books

Chapter XI: Back to the Foundations, excerpt from Fr. Aidan Nichols' The Theology of Joseph Ratzinger, generously provided by the Christendom-Awake.Org. See here for ordering information.



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