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This Page is Devoted to the Life, Works, and Influence of St. Augustine of Hippo

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Saint Augustine's Library

The following is my attempt to compile a comprehensive 'library' of St. Augustine's works, their translations, and commentaries which are available online. I have not been involved in either the translations or the publications of the works listed. I have simply collated them from various internet sources. It remains a work in progress, and any suggestions for its improvement are welcome.
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Acts or Disputation Against Fortunatus (Latin) (Buy)
Against the Academics (Latin) (French) (Buy)
Against the Epistle of Manichaeus Called Fundamental (Latin) (Buy)
Against Lying (Latin) (Buy)
Against Two Letters of the Pelagians (Latin) (Buy)
In Answer to the Letters of Petilian (Latin) (Buy)
On Baptism Against the Donatists (Latin) (French) (Buy)
On the Care to be had for the Dead (Latin) (Buy)
On the Catechizing of the Uninstructed (Latin) (Buy)
Christ the Teacher (Latin) (French) (Buy)
On Christian Doctrine (Latin) (Introduction) (Commentary) (Buy)
City of God (Latin) (French) (Introduction) (Commentary) (Buy)
Confessions (Latin) (Outler Translation)(German) (Russian) (Introduction) (Commentary) (Extended Remarks) (Bibliography) (Buy)
On Continence (Latin) (Buy)
On the Correction of the Donatists (Buy)
On the Creed (Latin) (Buy)
On Dialectic (Latin) (Bibliography) (Buy)
Enchiridion on Faith, Hope and Love (Latin) (Buy)
Expositions on the Psalms (Latin) (French) (Buy)
On Faith and the Creed (Latin) (Buy)
On the Faith of Things Not Seen (Latin) (Buy)
On Free Will (Latin) (French) (Buy)
On the Gift of Perseverance (Latin) (Latin) (Buy)
On the Good of Marriage (Latin) (Buy)
On the Good of Widowhood (Latin) (Buy)
On the Grace of Christ and Original Sin (Latin) (Buy)
On Grace and Free Will (Latin) (French) (Buy)
On the Happy Life (Latin) (French) (Buy)
Harmony of the Gospels (Latin) (Buy)
On Holy Virginity (Latin) (Buy)
Homilies on the First Epistle of John (Buy)
Homilies on the New Testament (Latin) (Buy)
Homilies on the Old Testament (Latin) (Buy)
Letters (Latin) (Buy)
On Lying (Latin) (Buy)
On Man's Perfection in Righteousness (Latin) (Buy)
On Marriage and Concupiscence (Latin) (Buy)
On the Merits and Forgiveness of Sins and the Baptism of Infants (Latin) (Buy)
On the Morals of the Catholic Church (Latin) (French) (Buy)
On the Morals of the Manichaeans (Latin) (French) (Buy)
On Music (Latin) (Buy)
On the Nature of the Good (Latin) (Buy)
On Nature and Grace (Latin) (French) (Buy)
On Order (Latin) (French) (Buy)
On Patience (Latin) (Buy)
On the Predestination of the Saints (Latin) (Buy)
On the Proceedings of Pelagius (Buy)
On the Profit of Believing (Buy)
On Rebuke and Grace (Latin) (Buy) (Buy)
Reply to Faustus the Manichaean (Buy)
Retractions (Latin) (French) (Buy)
The Sermon on the Mount (Latin) (Buy)
Soliloquies (Latin) (French) (Analysis) (Buy)
On the Soul and its Origin (Latin) (Buy)
On the Spirit and the Letter (Latin) (Buy)
Tractates on the Gospel of John (French) (Buy)
On the Trinity (Latin) (French) (Buy)
On True Religion (Latin) (French) (Partial Commentary) (Buy)
On Two Souls (Latin) (Buy)
Of the Work of Monks (Latin) (Buy)

Resource Sites on St. Augustine

James O'Donnell: The premiere Augustine resource page on the internet
Dave Armstrong: Excellent resources and articles, organized by a Catholic apologist
Gerald Schlabach: Articles and resources by a renowned expert on Augustine
J. Patout Burns: 'Devotion and Dissent' - Resources for Roman Christianity in North Africa
Sant' Agostino: Masterful multilingual collection of St. Augustine's works on-line
Augnet: A cooperative academic website with resources on Augustine's life and work

Biographies, Essays and Articles on St. Augustine

Brief Biography of St. Augustine
"Augustine the African," by James J. O'Donnell
"Memory and Mind: An Introduction to Augustine's Epistemology," by Sheri Katz
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Entry on 'Augustine'
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy Entry on 'Augustine'
'Introduction to Augustine,' at Bjorn's Guide to Philosophy
'The Philosophy of St. Augustine,' in 'Great Thinkers in Western Philosophy
"Reflections on Augustinian Spirituality," by Donald X. Burt, OSA

St. Augustine Miscellanea

Chronology of Works
Rule of St. Augustine (Spanish) (Buy)
Augustinian Order (International Directory)
Vittore Carpaccio's 'St. Augustine in His Study'
Augustinian Press
Augustinian Studies (Journal)
Augustinian Institutes of Education
Augustinian Saints and Blesseds
Papal Encyclical Ad Salutem (Pope Pius XI, 1930)
Papal Encyclical Augustinum Hipponensem (Pope John Paul II, 1986)
Augustine Day by Day

Additional Resources on the Fathers

EWTN Patristics Library
Post-Nicene Fathers (New Advent)
Early Church Fathers (Christian Classics)
Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Ecole Initiative
Bibliotheca Augustana (Latin)
The Latin Library
Kirchenvater: Patristik (German)

Recommended Augustine Bibliography

Peter Brown, Augustine of Hippo: A Biography, revised ed. (University of California, 2000)
Allen Fitzgerald, ed, Augustine Through the Ages: An Encyclopedia (Eerdmans, 1999)
John Rist, Augustine: Ancient Thought Baptized (Cambridge, 1996)
Eugene TeSelle Augustine the Theologian (Wipf and Stock, 2002)
Gerald Bonner's Augustine of Hippo: Life and Controversies (Canterbury, 2002)
Carol Harrison's Augustine: Christian Truth and Fractured Humanity (Oxford, 2000)
Robert Markus' Saeculum (Cambridge, 1989)

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