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Saturday, October 18, 2003

Catholic Bloggers on Terry Schiavo . . .

  • Fellow Catholic bloggers (Life Matters; Times Against Humanity; Thrown Back, among others) relay the news that a number of legal specialists are insisting that Gov. Bush does in fact posses the legal authority (and obligation) to intervene on behalf of Terry Schiavo, despite his claims to the contrary. Unfortunately, Gov. Bush appears to be lacking the political motivation to do so, prompting many to query along with "Has Gov. Bush wimped out?".

    Those wishing to ask Gov. Bush about his reluctance to assist can e-mail him at or phone him at 850-488-7146 (comments line) and 850-488-4441. I confess to being skeptical when it comes to politicans taking action on behalf of moral causes -- short of a miracle, I think that only an overwhelming outcry among resident voters in Florida will prompt him to further action. (Of course, I hope he'll prove me wrong and said as much in my letter).

    [UPDATE: As reported by Mark Shea, Jeb Bush has called a special session of the Fla. legislature for Monday, and a state legislator will introduce "Terri's Bill," a bill to put a temporary moratorium on all dehydration and starvation deaths underway in Florida].

  • Peter Vere from Catholic Light wonders (justifiably so, I think) if there is something more than money motivating Mr. Schiavo's desire to end the life of his wife. He also requests prayers for Christopher Ferrara, who is providing legal assistance to Schiavo's family in seeking an intervention.
  • Providing a different stance on the issue, Mark from Minute Particulars blogs on one what he believes is a neglected element of this debate, namely, the "right of a husband or wife to determine what is best for his or her incapacitated spouse." Peter of Sursum Corda responds, initiating an interesting exchange in the comments section with El Camino Real's Jeff Culbreath and others.
  • Finally, Disturber of the Peace posts some stern criticisms pertaining to Schiavo case from one courageous Catholic bishop. Bishop Lynch of St. Petersberg, FL? -- Unfortunately, no. Rather, from Cardinal Clemens von Galen, Archbishop of Munster, Germany, 1941, who spoke out against the "mercy killings" of the Nazi euthanasia movement.


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