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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Persistent Posting

Patrick Madrid asks a pertinent question of various members of St. Blogs (those who he dubs "persistent posters", that is):
What about prayer time? What about reading? What about human interaction that takes place in real-time, face-to-face, and not via pixels over a high-speed Internet connection? What about just plain doing something, anything, other than sitting parked in front of one's computer monitor, cranking out an uninterruptible cascade of news items, real and attempted witticisms, and commentary that is sometimes useful, sometimes marginal, and sometimes pure blather?

I guess my point is this: As Catholics, we're called to be "universal" men and women; well-rounded, complete, balanced, and integrated. I must admit, especially in recognition of my own weaknesses and human frailties, that it concerns me when I see fellow Catholics who seem to have very little life outside of their weblogs. And that, whether they see it or not, is sad.

Which, I confess, is something I've often wondered myself.

The question "how much is too much" is one each of us will have to determine for ourselves. I have a pretty engrossing work schedule, and I value the time spent at home, so much of my blog-reading is done during my lunch break, or briefly after dinner -- posting reserved chiefly for the weekend (with few exceptions) when I can relax with a cup of coffee on a quiet morning or evening.

However, I've also learned to be fairly cautious of the amount of time I spend on the computer. For me, the internet can become increasingly habitual: I can "channel surf" the web just as easily as I can by remote control, and both contribute towards a diminishing attention span. Getting through a book is much more of a challenge, but in my experience I've found it much more rewarding.

Thankfully, I am also blessed with loved ones who are quick to point out when I get carried away and need to devote my attention to the more important things in life.

Good post Patrick -- and a question worth asking.

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