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Friday, April 15, 2005

The Fan Club for "God's Rottweiler" 

Cardinal Ratzinger's Fan Club In the News

Concurrent with the popularity of our PanzerKardinal, a few members of the press have taken notice that this "enforcer of doctrinal orthodoxy" actually has admirers among the laity. Of course, many find the existence of such an organization -- even one as loose-knit as this -- offensive to their enlightened liberal sensibilities. Here's a brief roundup:

  • "Where Catholic bishops are virtually at home" Agence France Presse. April 13, 2005. Featuring "troublesome, left-wing" Bishop Jacques Gaillot, who after being exiled by the Vatican to "the abandoned see of Partenia, buried under the sands of the Sahara desert," makes use of his time by overseeing (, the virtual "diocese without frontiers." Oh, and the latter half is dedicated to the fan club for "God's Rottweiler."

  • Potential popes meet faithful in cyberspace Reuters. April 6, 2005. Takes a look at a number of websites for papal candidates, lumping the Ratzinger Fan Club in with the rest (although we've been around for FIVE YEARS now?).

    A piece of trivia: the "Bible quote [defending] Ratzinger's strict line: 'Preach the word ... convince, rebuke and exhort, be unfailing in patience and in teaching. For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching . . .' (St. Paul, 2 Tim 4:2)" is one of the Cardinal's personal favorites, about which the Cardinal stated in Salt of the Earth: "I don't want to overreach myself, but I would say that this expresses the essence of what I consider to be my standard at this time." (p. 114).

  • Which qualities Cardinals will look for in the next Pope, by Sophie Arie. Christian Science Monitor, mentions that "Ratzinger is an icon for conservative Catholics, who have set up a website ( and distributed Ratzinger keyrings, speeches, and stickers." Ms. Arie betrays her ignorance, because we've never had keyrings. Likewise, she fails to mention the RFC was "set up" nearly five years ago, and with no intention for campaigning on behalf of the Cardinal. We've stated as much in our FAQ.

  • Konklave - Daumendrücken für Cardinale Ratty [Google translation] veröffentlicht: April 13, 2005. Pretty straightfoward reporting on the RFC. No real suprises here.

  • Was für einen Papst hätten Sie denn gern? [Google Translation], by Franc Patalong. Spiegel Online. April 13, 2005, according to whom "the enthusiasm of the "generation JP2" for the deceased Pope Karol Wojtyla surprised also the catholic church." Not to menton a rather jealous Hans Kung and Matthew Fox. The Spiegel ponders over the nature of the RFC's website: is it satire or genuine?, mentioning that another German television station has already concluded that our enthusiasm for the Cardinal is (gasp! shock! horror!) authentic.

  • "La popularidad del cardenal Ratzinger" [Google Translation], by Mirra Banchón. DW-World.DE Deutsche Welle. April 11, 2005. The author sounds somewhat upset by the existence of the club, and its expression of "absolute solidarity." Hmmmmmmm. Rather we be lukewarm?

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