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The War to Oust Saddam Hussein: The Context, The Debate, The War and the Future
By James Turner Johnson. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. (September 25, 2005).
Cobra II: The Inside Story of the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq, by Michael R. Gordon. 784pp. Vintage; Reprint edition (February 27, 2007).
Just War Against Terror: The Burden of American Power in a Violent World
By Jean Bethke Elshtain. Basic Books (April 1, 2003)


Justice and the Taliban, review by David Gordon. The Mises Review. Vol. 9, No. 2, Fall 2003. (Correspondence between David Gordon).
War, Peace & Jean Bethke Elshtain, an exchange with Stanley Hauerwas and Paul J. Griffiths. First Things 136 (October 2003): 41-47.
Dirty Hands and Concrete Action: A conversation with Jean Bethke Elshtain. Interview by Michael Cromartie. Christianity Today - Books & Culture. September/October 2003.

Morality and Contemporary Warfare
By James Turner Johnson. Yale University Press (September 10, 1999)


The Justice in Just War, by Keith J. Pavlischek. First Things 103 (May 2000): 43-47.
In Defense of Justice, by Bryan Hehir . Commonweal, March 10, 2000.
Review by Martin L. Cook. Christian Century, Jan 17, 2001.

But Was It Just?: Reflections on the Morality of the Persian Gulf War
Jean B. Bethke, with Stanley Hauerwas, J. Bryan Hehir. Galilee Trade; 1st ed edition (February 1, 1992)
Peace Be With You: Justified Warfare or the Way of Nonviolence
by Eileen Egan. (Jan. 2000).


Review, by Patrick Marrin. National Catholic Reporter April 30, 1999.

Just War and The Gulf War
by James Turner Johnson & George Weigel.
The Just War: Force and Political Responsibility
by Paul Ramsey.
Just War : An American Reflection on the Morality of War in Our Time
by Peter Temes. (October, 2003).

Tranquillitas Ordinis: The Present Failure and Future Promise of American Catholic Thought on War and Peace
By George Weigel.


Review, by Richard J. Neuhaus. National Review, April 10, 1987. Review by Charles J. Leonard. Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Quarterly Newsletter Vol. 10, No. 4. Sept. 1987.

Idealism Without Illusion: U.S. Foreign Policy in the 1990's
By George Weigel. (March 1994).

Historical Background on Saddam Hussein and Iraq